Monday, April 24, 2017

End of April Update

I figured I would sneak in one more post for April :)

We've been busy busy, seems to be an ongoing trend..

If the weather cooperates with us we are outside getting the garden ready to be planted, riding around on the big wheels, or just enjoying the SUNSHINE.

Cheers to another beautiful month, and here's to hoping May brings more sunshine and lots of dirty little baby toes.


Easter hoppin'ings

 Easter 2017

Coloring eggs is my FAVORITE part of Easter! I am totally team #NoPlasticEggs

We were lucky enough to get a visit from Nana and Shawn for Easter weekend. As always it was filled with good food, and lots of laughs.

Egg Hunt

The girls managed to sneak away to see their very first movie in the theaters!! Such an exciting day, and honestly couldn't have been a better movie to break them in. 

It was so great, besides spilling the bucket of popcorn on the floor approximately 30 seconds after we sat down, and the fact that neither girl was heavy enough to keep the chairs from folding them in half...

On the drive home Reagan asked "next Spring can we go see another movie at the theater?" - so cute.
I promised her we would go see another one this Summer.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

|| Sisters ||

 My sweet, sweet sister girls.

I've been working hard on cleaning up around the property, the girls of course have been the best helpers.

Helpers / feather collectors... 

Introducing our new CHICKS!!

Our 2017 layer hens have arrived!! 

This year I ordered the "grab bag" chicks, an assortment of 15 babes that didn't get scooped up in the latest round of hatchings. They're offered at a small discount, plus it gives you a chance to have a bit of everything when it comes to different breeds. 

On the downside, I have very little clue what breeds each of them are. So I spent the afternoon comparing their little fluffy bodies to pictures online. 

Hearing the little "cheep-cheep-cheeps" fill the house is just the SWEETEST thing. 

Here's to keeping predators out of the coop, and to fresh eggs next Fall.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Photo Dump

These days just have a habit of flying by!

SO STINKIN much has happened since we've chatted last...
The kids have been growing like crazy! Lincoln is walkkkingggg!!!!! He has been since about Christmas, that alone probably warranted a blog post. He hasn't stopped getting in to trouble since, he has mastered the 'wait till mommy isn't looking, and do the thing she just told me not to do'. 

But dammit if he isn't the cutest.

Just freshly into 2017 I caught a bobcat in the chicken coop. I was able to run back to the house for the shotgun and shoot it. The natural next step was to skin it and tan it right?! It now hangs proudly in Lincoln's room. 

Unfortunately, the bobcat was able to kill all my laying hens before I walked in on the action. Damn chickens had JUST started to lay eggs too. I had been tending to these birds for seven months, and all gone in a matter of a few short minutes. 

Winter has been rough on me here at the big blue barn. Snow on Snow on car has gotten stuck a handful of times on the driveway. 

These sweet girls! This was the night of Reagan's holiday recital at school.

Frosty mornings!

frosty morning

Lets end with the cutest damn boy e.v.e.r.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Carter J turns 3!!

My beautiful, SPIRITED, smart, funny, strong, brave little girl. You are everything I ever wanted to be. 

I feel like you've been three for years, but they tell me that you're just turning three now. You are so smart beyond your years. I can't remember my life without you in it, you are truly a piece of my soul. 

We started your birthday weekend by making the BEST cake I've ever laid eyes on.

You've been asking for a fairy party for months, so I did my best, and was pretty happy with how your fairy cake turned out!

texas sheet cake

Aunt Shellynda sent the BEST game! We all had plenty of whip cream!!

Birthday Queen 

Happiest of Birthday's to my baby girl