Monday, June 20, 2011

Dirt Under Your Nails

Hubby and I spent the weekend at our favorite place in the world, Bickleton Washington; The Bluebird capital of the world, and home of the "oldest still in operation" tavern in Washington. Also home to Nana and Papa Gray, my family has been farming and ranching in Bickleton since 1896, I've always felt that as soon as you hit the gravel road your anxiety, stress and worries bounce right out window to be forgotten about until a later day. Time has a way of slowing down. Skies seem bluer and grass greener.

The four of us spent Saturday playing card games and dominoes while gazing out into the rainy pastures and fields, I could listen to my Papa’s stories for hours, remembering all the years he had prayed for rain like this to cover the crops; so many years the rain didn’t come, not this late in the year.

Sunday we woke to a gorgeous sunny day. Papa and Hubby head off to an old barn to do some scavenging in its final days of being upright. This is one of the last of its kind, and will soon be dismantled and sold for pieces.

Nana and I took advantage of the sunshine and took a walk to the mailbox, taking the opportunity for a few last pictures of the barn. We were then instructed by the hard working men to provide a “beverage service” to their thirsty bodies. We high-tailed it back to the house and brought them back some fine refreshments on the luxury booze wagon.

We ended our visit with a fried clam feast, which Nana and Papa had just dug out at the latest clam tide in Oregon.

As we drive down the Glade back to reality, Hubby and I reflect on how great it is to spend such quality time with people who truly love us and can offer us so much knowledge and advice in life love and marriage.  

We are so blessed.

Grass Between Your Toes

This is more than just a blog about getting pregnant, being pregnant and raising babies, this blog is my expression of that grass between your toes, sunshine on your skin feeling that you get when you are overcome with joy, happiness and most of all L.O.V.E.

Of course the name of my blog would be misleading if I wasn’t on my own baby watch 2011. July will mark month one with no birth control. My husband and I are very excited to be adventuring into parenthood and creating a family over the next coming days; months; years.

I’m hoping that this blog will allow me and my ever growing {belly} family to fill my down time, all the while giving people an insight into the love and happiness that fills our house.

With so many changes in the days to come I wanted a way for my loved ones to feel like they are lying in the grass, counting the stars beside me. Trust me you are with me every night.