Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Two of a kind working on a full house

Over the holiday weekend I came to the realization as I was sitting in the sunshine drinking spiked lemonade that hubby and I are drawing nearer on our days as a twosome. As ecstatic as I am to be adding ten more fingers and ten more toes to our household, I can’t help but want to savor every second that we have as a newlywed {childless} couple. I have declared that this is exactly what I’ll do until the delivery day comes. I’m going to drink up the two of us, relishing every moment.
I remember in 9th grade when a school project was to carry around a robotic doll that required feeding, changing and recorded how long you let it cry or if you shook it too hard. I feel like hubby and I need to take that course again. I don’t know how anyone could ever feel prepared. Talk about emotional anxiety, I’m not even pregnant yet and I’m already feeling inadequate!
It’s hard to fathom how radically our lives will change with a new addition to our family, sure we have to be home to walk the dog a couple times a day now, but in a matter of months that will all change. I have the last Friends episode airing over and over again in my mind…it’s the end of an era. In a way I’m not saying goodbye to the late nights, I’ll be up all night with baby. I’ll be spending hours bathing baby instead of soaking my high-heel sore feet in a hot soapy tub and I’ll be changing diapers instead of changing wardrobes. I’ll always cherish the life I’ve lived but I cherish the promise of my future 100 times more.

There will be lots of laughter, and tears and of course those sleepless nights you hear so often about. But it’s all worth it, or so I’m told…