Friday, October 21, 2011

Sittin around waitin on two pink lines

I think we all can remember back to anatomy class in high school, c’mon think WAY back…

A woman’s cycle, blah blah blah.

Until recently I thought of myself as pretty knowledgeable when it came to sexual health and the miracle of life, after all I did take the dirty 230 my sophomore year of college. But what I didn’t know is that the 1 ½ weeks between ovulation and your next potential period time literally slows to half speed.
It’s scientifically proven.

It’s true, counting days, charting symptoms and doin the…dirty all leads up to the universe slowing down.  The day after you finish your “fertile cycle” you are just DIEING to pee on a stick, let me tell you how big of a letdown that is. Even if your one little tiny egg was invaded by one little tiny sperm it’s going to take about a week to show up on a pee test, if you’re lucky! For some women it can take up to two before the hormone levels are high enough to be detected. But for some reason, even knowing these facts- you still take a pee test and the inevitable disappointment is there when it only shows one pink line.

Let’s get into implantation cramps and bleeding, {sounds like a blast right?} after spending a couple quality work hours researching my oh so trusty google, I was able to come to the conclusion that: some women feel them, some women don’t. Some women spot a little, some women don’t. Basically, every woman is different, and your body may or may not experience these things. Leading me to think that any time I felt ANYTHING going on down there a little moster was in the works. These anything feelings include: gas, a full bladder, jeans being too tight, hunger, constipation…yadda yadda {anything}…

It’s amazing how even the slightest chance that you may have successful combined egg and sperm inside you makes you change some of your daily habits. Even without the two pink lines, I’ve cut down on drinking both coffee and alcohol. I make a conscience decision to stress less, and I have cut out most of the items on the bad food list.

So, the waiting game continues. Having taken a pee test already this week, I’m trying my darndest to wait until the day comes next week when I could potentially wake up with that oh-uh I shouldn’t have worn white pjs to sleep feeling.

Getting your period when you and the hubby are trying to conceive is like nature gut punching you and saying “you suck at sex”. At least that’s how I felt before a wise old woman gave me a very valuable piece of advice.  (Okay she’s not old, but older than me, and that qualifies for wisdom)

She said “it really will happen when it is supposed to happen”. This wise old woman has a 3 month old beautiful baby girl, and she put it into perspective for me “to think that if it had been any other egg, or any other sperm I wouldn’t have the baby I have now. And I just can’t imagine not having this baby”.

So even if I awake in a blood bath next week, I’ll know that it just wasn’t the egg/sperm combo we are meant to have.

Cross your fingers for us.