Tuesday, December 27, 2011

11 Weeks

{Chalk-board Art Compliments of Hubby} 

How far along: 11 Weeks {December 20th}
Total weight gain: I’m refusing to weigh myself, between bloat, constipation and extra lbs- I will not stand for it
Maternity clothes: No, trying to figure out how I can get away with wearing leggings to work from here on out
Stretch marks: No Comment, just keep applying my miracle cream
Sleep: I’ve been having work dreams lately- the WORST!
Best moment this week:  Christmas!
Miss Anything: Nothing this week…
Movement: Not yet, but getting closer!
Food cravings: Doughnuts! Jelly Filled! YUM!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Morning sickness is definitely subsiding, thank jebus!
Gender: Thinking more and more that it’s a girl
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: As previously mentioned, bloating, constipation…all the fun stuff!
 Belly Button in or out: In.
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! 
Looking forward to: Moving, and our 14 week appointment soon!

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