Monday, December 5, 2011

"My Boys Can Swim"

We Did It!

October was a month of sex, pee sticks and celebrations! The morning of the 28th I was up bright and early and ready for my morning pee stick ritual, my brain had naturally created a 3 minute timer and the buzzer sounded louder than ever today.

Two blue lines.

The day that we had been waiting for had come! I jumped up and down, did a little dance and picked up the phone...who can I tell, who can I call, I HAVE to tell someone!!

Cody? He had just left the day before for a weekend hunting trip and wouldn't be back until Monday, obviously I had to tell him in person.

My Mom?! Well, we had just planned a weekend visit in Mid November and telling her in person would probably be best too...

Hmmppff, I guess I'd have to wait. Longest weekend EVER, but this is how I surprised Cody

What a great coming home present after a long weekend of hunting!

We were able to keep the secret until we saw my mom in November, I brought her pink roses and congratulated her on becoming a grandma!

What a beautiful way to start our Fall!

We are both so excited for what the future holds for the three of us.

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