Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sweet Baby Girls Name {REVEAL}

Deciding someone's name is like determining the rest of their life. Thats why I started my baby names list a long time ago, luckily Hubby likes and agrees with the majority of my list.

I've always loved a lot of my family names, so I wanted to sure to incorporate them into my childeren's names. I think it is important to pass them along and one day when they are old enough, tell them where their name comes from and talk about the kind of person they were.

Obviously finding out the gender of the baby cuts your list in half. But narrowing the name down to one can be tricky. I told many people before I knew baby was a girl that I just felt it, I felt in my soul that it was a little girl inside my belly. I kind of felt the same when it came to picking her name. I felt like this name matched her. I was able to picture myself pushing her on the swingset and calling her name as we ran through the yard playing tag of hide and seek. I can picture myself teaching her how to spell and write it once she gets old enough. I can even imagine myself bellowing for her up the stairs informing her that dinner is ready.

With all those feelings and emotions how could I deny naming her: Reagan Grace.

The middle name is inspired by my grandparents last name Gray, I had to think of a way to incorporate it into our little ones names. I contemplated spelling it Grayce, but eventually decided against it.

I think Reagan will love her name.

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  1. It's a beautiful name for a beautiful angel baby girl!