Tuesday, April 3, 2012

26 Weeks Pregnant & 1 Year Married

How far along: 26 Weeks {April 3rd}
Total weight gain: 7 lbs so far, next report will be Monday the 9th- I have a feeling things will be jumping up from here...
Maternity clothes: Proud owner of my first pair of maternity jeans as well as two new Spring tops!
Bump Size: The ever growing tummy! Love how round it is getting.
Sleep: Decent. My back and hips get sore from being propped up on one side. Lots of stretching in the mornings.
Best moment this week: Today is Hubby and My One year anniversary! Spending time reflecting on the year has been great!
Miss Anything: Typically this would be crunch time till swim suit season....I can say that I DO NOT miss that!!
Movement: Holy Jumping Bean! This girl has definitely got some moves!
Food cravings: Well, besides endless hunger between the hours of 5am-10am I've been eating a lot of turkey sandwiches. I promise you I have a bottomless stomach in the morning.  
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not so much this week.
Gender: Sweet Baby Girl
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: Heart burn & acid reflux still! Especially in the morning and at night...and in the afternoon, and as I speak...
Belly Button in or out: In and widening like its about to swallow a turkey sandwich all by itself!
Wedding rings on or off: On!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Another very hormonal week! Seems to be in the evenings when I could just cry and cry for no reason.
Looking forward to: Hubby and I are spending a very nice evening going to dinner to celebrate our first year together as a married couple. It will be nice to talk about all the things that have happend in our first year, and all the things yet to come.  


  1. Congratulations mama!! Love reading little updates on your life! SO happy for you and Cody and your first year of marriage. And am SO looking forward to meeting Reagan! (did I spell her name right???)

    Love you!

    1. Thanks Lovely! Yep, spelled it right! Just like Ronald Reagan, not that he was our inspiration!