Friday, June 1, 2012

Hospital Bag

With a lot of help from other blogs, websites and finally a list from the hospital- I believe I have my list of what will be packed in "the bag".

I'm hoping to have the bag packed with the essentials ahead of time, and be able to throw last minute items in. This is why I am an obsessive list maker**, So I don't forget anything in those last hectic minutes of us rushing out the door.

(I'm totally in love with Reagan's going home outfit!)

I'll be sure to have a couple tank-tops with easy access to the taa-taas, nursing bras, and yoga pants. We'll bring a pillow for me and one for Hubby, so he can rest easy on the lush pull-out couch.

I'm pretty satisfied with what our hospital provides, so I won't be bringing many of my own toiletries. But I'm sure I'll manage to throw in my makeup bag at the last minute.

Plenty of snacks! I've put together my "Snack Pack" with a variety of string cheese, granola bars and my ultimate favorite Cracker sandwiches....there is also a chocolate bar hiding under the string cheese...I'm keeping it in the bottom drawer of the fridge and have already given Hubby the instructions NOT TO FORGET THIS! HaHa, may be more important then the hospital bag itself.

**Truth be told, I'm an obsessive list maker because that's how I was brought up. And I LOVE my list making compulsive behavior.**

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