Sunday, July 8, 2012

One Week Old

Reagan Grace,

Today you are one week old! We did it! You've have taught us so much already, I can't wait for the days, months, years to come. We have asked you to be patient with us as we learn, and you are giving us many tries to get things right. Thank you for that.

This week you had your first pediatrician visit, you have already gained 3 ounces since we left the hospital. You should be back to your birth weight in no time flat! You were such a good girl, and slept through the whole check up. Your doctor and nurse were very impressed with you.

We had our first social outing as a family of three! We went to a bar-b-que at the Wynne's house. I was so nervous, but you did amazing!

We have had some fun nights, lots of bouncing and swaying. But I have changed your feeding schedule and the past two nights you have slept like an angel! We get up every three hours to feed you, and you have sacked right back out afterwards. I am really enjoying the sleep!

You have taken to breastfeeding really well, and I have to say, it is a favorite part of my day. You are eating every two hours during the day and every 3 hours at night. I love hearing all your little sighs and grunts, seeing the funny faces you make and feeling your warm little body. You love to spend time doing skin to skin contact after you have finished, and I love to smell your sweet baby scent and rub your back. I hope that we have a long and successful nursing relationship.

You are so tiny, just barely filling out a Newborn size onesie. You go through LOTS of diapers! You love to give daddy and I a stinky right after we change you into a fresh diaper. You have also loved "free peeing" when we are giving you a sponge bath or changing your diaper. Keeping us on our toes, that's for sure!

Since you have been sleeping good at night, you have been very alert during the mornings and early afternoon. I love to watch your eyes as you take everything in. You like when daddy and I wear bright patterned shirts, your eyes dance across the fabric.

You and I spend lots of time in your nursery, we rock in the glider and love when I read to you. Today was the first day I put you in your crib for a nap, you usually nap and sleep in our bedside sleeper. I think you really liked the crib! You seem so tiny in it.

Daddy and I are very much looking forward to watching you grow and develop. We love you.



Reagan's Stats:

Weight: 7lbs 8oz
Height: 19in
Clothes Size: Newborn
Diaper Size: Newborn

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