Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Splish Splash

Our little babe enjoying bath time!

Warming up after a good scrub down.

Mom's Advice to Baby

Recently I have been seeing a lot of lists floating around cyber space {50 Things You Want Your Daughter to Know, 25 Things To Teach Your Child...} yadda yadda. Well I have read a few, and although there is some good advice, I wanted to create my own list for Reagan.


So Reagan, here are 25 things that I want you to know. Here it goes.


When the world feels like its crashing in around you, take a nap. You will feel better.

When you have extra, give to someone with none.

A new haircut and shopping spree heals a broken heart.

Flat tires suck, learn to change them. And while you're at it learn to put on snow chains.

Early is always better than late.

Snacks in your purse can save the day.

Follow your heart, but bring your brain with you.

Never buy shoes that don't fit, no matter how cute they are. You will only wear them once.

Swimsuit shopping can be awful. Just remember that 99.9% of girls feel this way.

Be happy with what you have.

Always wear your seatbelt, no matter how short a distance you are going.

Don't litter.

Help others when you can.

Hold doors for elderly and moms with their hands full.

There is always time in the day to enjoy a good sunset.

Learn to drive a stick shift.

Homework sucks. Do it anyway.

Be nice, it makes life better.

Be good to your body, you only get one.

Embrace your differences, you are one in a billion.

You can’t choose your family, but they wouldn't choose any different.

Let yourself get lost in a good book.

Life is beautiful. Even on rainy days.

Your mother loves you very much.

Your father loves you very much.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life Lately

I wanted to share a typical day for us Austin's.

I would say my day starts at 4-4:30am, that's usually time for our first morning feeding.

Sleep until 7am, Nurse & Diaper change.

Then back to sleep until 8am (if I'm lucky), Nurse again.

After our 8am feeding Reagan goes down for her *Morning Nap*

There is a LOT of this
 About 10am Reagan is up and demands that I hold her, entertain her and feed her.

Some of this
 About 3pm Reagan will take her *Afternoon Nap* waking up about 5pm to Nurse

An occasional one of these

 After Cody and I eat dinner I shower and try and get some stuff done while Reagan has daddy time.

And usually we have this

We get ready for bed about 8-8:30pm and nurse & sleep through the night.Hopefully more sleeping than nursing...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One Month

My Dearest Reagan,

ONE MONTH! Holy Cow! How did that happen? We have spent the last 4 weeks getting visits from Grandma, Nana and Nana Gray. You have been on walks, car rides, grocery trips and dinner dates.

You sleep like a champ at night, and that makes me VERY happy! You typically get up 2-3 times to eat, sometimes I get a treat and you only wake up once about 2am to grab a snack. You are getting great at going right back to sleep afterwards. I think you are already outgrowing your sleeper, you may be graduating to your crib before we planned. That's great though! Your becoming such a big girl!

During the day you eat about every 2-3 hours, and nap lots. My favorite time of the day is in the morning, that's when you are the most alert! We usually nurse in bed about 8am and then you lounge on the bed with me and tell me stories, you love looking at the pictures we have hung above the bed and looking out the window at the tree branches dancing in the wind.

Today we had your one month check up with Doctor Chaudhry, she was very impressed by your growth. You are in the 70 percentile for your weight and 75 percentile for your height, Doc said your going to be tall like mommy!

You have started smiling at us! We LOVE to see your little grin and when you get excited about something you see or hear, your arms flail like your swimming and little feet kick, kick, kick! Hearing your OooO's and Ahhh's let us know what your voice sounds like, a little different from when your screaming at us to feed you or pick you up. Not that THAT ever happens because you're the perfect baby.

Sweet baby girl, I am looking forward to seeing you grow in the next month and am excited for a whole bunch of new "firsts".

I love you sweet pea.



Reagan's Stats:

Weight: 9lbs 13oz
Height: 21.5in
Clothes Size: Newborn & Some 0-3 M
Diaper Size: 1's & Some Cloth Diapers