Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life Lately

I wanted to share a typical day for us Austin's.

I would say my day starts at 4-4:30am, that's usually time for our first morning feeding.

Sleep until 7am, Nurse & Diaper change.

Then back to sleep until 8am (if I'm lucky), Nurse again.

After our 8am feeding Reagan goes down for her *Morning Nap*

There is a LOT of this
 About 10am Reagan is up and demands that I hold her, entertain her and feed her.

Some of this
 About 3pm Reagan will take her *Afternoon Nap* waking up about 5pm to Nurse

An occasional one of these

 After Cody and I eat dinner I shower and try and get some stuff done while Reagan has daddy time.

And usually we have this

We get ready for bed about 8-8:30pm and nurse & sleep through the night.Hopefully more sleeping than nursing...

1 comment:

  1. does she only sleep during those day time naps? 9besides at night of course)

    Sounds like you guys have a good routine!!