Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Movin On UP!

First off, Check out our BIG GIRL holding her head up! She gets stronger and stronger everyday. Just amazes me.

And now on to my post...

One month marked the retirement of Reagan's newborn size clothing. Sad. I was in denial for a few days cramming her ever expanding gut into her tiny onesies, it wasn't until one night when I was putting her in her p.j.s when I had to throw in the towel to the itty bitty outfits.

As hard as it was to admit she had outgrown them, it was even harder to think about donating or handing them down. So I packed away some of my favorites...okay all of my favorites...to store until baby number 2 comes along.

I'm hoping that as she grows out of her clothes in the future that it will be a bit easier for me to say good-bye to them. We'll see. I did however promise to limit myself to ONE ZIP LOCK per size. Maybe that will help me narrow down my faves...or maybe I will break that promise. Only time will tell.

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