Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Social Breast Feeding

Our little family spent a great weekend at my moms, it was fantastic visiting with mom and seeing friends. My one complaint is the every two hours I have to pull myself away from the conversation to go breast feed.
Nursing Reagan is one of my favorite bonding times, but when your in a social setting it can be tough. I even attempted to use a nursing cover and feed Reag in front of my girlfriends during a BBQ on Saturday. It was a major fail! So upstairs we went to finish feeding.

I applaud the women who can breast feed freely without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. I've never been a super modest person, but somehow the thought of nursing in public just seems to make me blush.  Maybe in time I can shake the social shame. I'm feeding my child for Christ sake, there shouldn't be anything wrong with that. But for now I'll hide away with little miss while she fills her belly, and enjoy our one on one time together.

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