Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Got Beef...with My Diapers

Well here we are Mid December, Reagan is 5 and a half months old and she has rolled over all of 3 or 4 times....I'm super over the moon in love with my cloth diapers BUT I have realized that they are stunting her mobility.

I really noticed a couple weeks ago that when I change her diaper and give her a few nakie minutes that she does all these crazy leg movements that she isn't capable of when her diapers are on. Because the band of the diapers are so wide her little hips can't make the same range of motion. The weight of the diapers is also an issue, they are much heavier than disposables, especially after they have been peed in once or twice. Since disposables have the magically wonderful chemicals that turn the pee into a dry fluff they remain almost weightless.

Like I said, I noticed this a few weeks back...and since then I've been saying "I need to just put her in disposables for awhile so that she can gain mobility" well I always revert back to the cloth. One because I freakin love the cloth, I'm in the cloth groove, got my routine down. Love Love Love my cloth. Two because disposables are not cheap.

But after learning that one of my Besties beautiful bouncing baby boy who is 3 weeks younger than Reag is a rolling and crawling machine I had major mobility envy. Not that I am ready to baby proof our home, but I don't want to be the cause of Reagan's slow progression. So, I marched right out the door for a box of diaps and a couple packs of wipes.

By the way, I know my theory is true because on the off chance that I've put her in a disposable the little stink rolls right over.

So we are on a new adventure for a while, it might be a couple weeks, maybe a couple months...but I'll do it until I feel like she is strong enough to get around with the cloth on.

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