Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Beginning

Reagan Grace,

I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of your Daddy and I when we were dating. Your Daddy and I fell in love in the Summer of 2010, we spent our days laying in the sun by the river and nights drinking wine on the porch of my little apartment in Prosser. We were mostly friends, then best friends, then he was the love of my life.

Half a year

Best half a year to date!

I put these pictures together to do a little comparison shot! I love watching you grow into a beautiful little girl!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sleeping like a Baby

More often than not, the first question people ask about babies is, how are the sleeping? Their question is often followed by horror stories of their cousins, best-friend's, sisters kid who didn't sleep through the night until he was 6.

I've been such a lucky momma, I always fear I will jinks us when I answer their question, but you are an amazing sleeper. Maybe it's genetic, but since you started sleeping through the night we've had very few rough nights.

Don't get me wrong, there have been some doozies. But overall I've been lucky.

You fight sleep when you are tired, its funny how fast you conk out though. One minute you are hoot'n and holler'n, the next complete silence. You make the funniest chewbacca noise, gurgling your spit.

The only exception is when we are in new places, you've never slept well in any place other than our house, and now that you sleep in your crib, thats what you prefer (read: demand).

Speaking of all this sleep, thats what I should be doing right now.

Good-night my sleeping Beauty.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Making New Friends

2012 was a year for firsts, but my favorite were the first times meeting loved ones!

Six Months


Little Reagan Grace,

Wow Six months! Half of a year! Where did time go, more important, where did my baby go?! It seems like time has literally slipped through my fingers. Everyday I take a few minutes to think about the little things that I don't want to forget. The little details always seem to be the hardest to remember, yet they are the things that make my heart skip beats.

I want to remember how sweet it sounds when you gurgle your drool, your sweet little squeal, and your big gummy grin. I want to remember how strong you are. You amaze me with your strength, the way you lock your legs when Im trying to dress you, or the way you can always get your little fingers out of my grip when I am trying to trim your nails.

I want to remember how good you smell after a bath, and the way your hair sticks up all fluffy when it is freshly washed. I want to remember the way you grin and giggle as you fall into a deep sleep. The way you pant when you're excited about something. I want to remember how you play with your hands when you're tired, and how you karate kick me in the face when you're nursing.

You are such a sweet and loving girl, and seem to be reserved and maybe a little shy...taking after your mommy already. You amaze me everyday. I am so thankful for you, and cant believe that I get to spend the rest of my life being your mom.

I love you to the moon and to the stars.



Reagan's Stats:

Weight: 17 lbs 15oz
Height: 26 inches
Clothes Size: 9 Month

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reagan's First Christmas

We were lucky enough to have the best of both worlds this year for Christmas! Reagan got to meet lots more family, on both sides,and spend some quality time with the family she had already met.

Our little family of three packed up the car and headed over the mountains to visit Grandma and Grandpa Austin on the 22nd. There we celebrated Christmas early with Great Grandma Paulie, Gma and Gpa Austin, Uncle Craig and Uncle Travis, Miss Alyssa, and of course The four legged family, Omni, Drake and Tank.

We had a fabulous Christmas dinner, got to play with everyone and of course got lots of hugs and squeezes!

Cody and I got a good wakeup call on the joys of traveling with a baby. Its rough, and Im convinced I already need a bigger car. Do they make Surburbans with a diaper changing station in the trunk?

When we arrived home we got to open the presents Santa left and the presents Grandpa Mike sent! We spent Lots of time curled up under blankies and playing with all our new toys. We had Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner at Nana Carrie's house. Uncle Riley was home on leave, it was so great getting to spend time with him. Reagan and Ri had lots of playtime while he was home.

Uncle Craig and Uncle Travis were able to come hang out while they were visiting the area on our side of the mountains, it was fun to watch Omni check Reag out. She was enamored with him, he was not so sure of her! I bet next year they will be chasing each other around, he is the perfect size for a little babe.

We were so fortunate to have had daddy home for the holidays! Since he is still in training they had a nice long four day weekend! With his new career in the railroad it may not always be this way.

Farewell to 2012, Cheers to 2013

What a miraculous year us Austin's have had! We've moved, twice, quit jobs, made new friends, laughed until tears ran down our leg face, drank good wine, oh yeah and had a baby.
Here's my goodbye to 2012. Hoping 2013 is just as kind to us.

As much as I say I hated this home, it will always hold a special place in my heart. It was after all the home we brought our baby girl to after her birth.

We managed to get one camping trip in, 30something week pregnant made for an interesting adventure.


I got to watch my baby brother graduate boot camp.


Cody and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary.

Little Miss was born. 

We got to watch one of my besties tie the knot.

We celebrated Reagan's first Football Season.

 Reagan's first Thanksgiving.

And her first Christmas.

Wishing you all a Healthy and Happy New Year!