Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dear Baby

Dear baby #2,

Your Daddy and I have thought a lot about you lately. Deciding when to have a baby is a very big decision, it changes your life in ways you cannot even predict. But Baby, we are ready for you!

Yes I am your crazy Mom, I love to write letters. Get used to it kid. Just promise me Baby, if you grow up to be an English major, please don't judge my grammar. Just love me.

How is it possible to love someone that hasn't been born, let alone hasn't even been conceived? (Thats right Baby, Im not even pregnant with you yet). But it's true, I do love you. You see Baby, my heart is made up of all the things I love in life. There is a part of my heart for your Daddy, part for your Sister, Family, Friends, Places, and Things. And Baby, there is a special part of my heart for you. But right now its missing something, its missing YOU in our lives.

So now begins our journey for you to come into our lives. I know that you will be here when you are ready. So please Baby, take your time. Come when you are ready, my heart will always be here.



Monday, March 18, 2013


I first want to address the messy house in these pictures...I initially wanted to photoshop it all out, as I normally would. But decided to leave it, this is what the house looks like at least once a day. Dont judge.
Now onto the amazingly cute baby. She loves her snacks!

Reagan, I promise I change your clothes...but these are clearly a favorite pair of jammies.

I've probably mentioned before, but my goal is to give you whatever we are eating so that by the time you are one you will just eat what's on the menu, I grew up in a home where "we don't make special meals for special people" and you can bet your bottom dollar that you will too.
So far you've liked everything we've given you, some of your favorites are chicken sausage, pizza crust, pasta, rice, cheese ravioli...you even thought that the Indian food I gave you was pretty tasty!

Eight Months

Hello My Sweet Sweet Baby,

Reagan Grace, you have grown to be such an independent little thing! You love to play and explore by yourself, wandering around the house discovering new things to chew on and put in your mouth. You are a crawling fool, and getting faster everyday! We spend our days making messes, pulling books off shelves and DVD's out of the cupboards. I love it! It's so amazing to watch you figure new things out for yourself, and since our house is pretty much baby proofed I let you roam and do your thing.

You love to feed yourself and love little snacks throughout the day! Still no teeth yet, I keep saying annnyday now- but they still haven't popped through. You've been waking up more at night, I'm thinking it's either because of teething or growing.

You are such a happy girl, and your smile lights up my life and makes my heart full. You have such a beautiful little spirit. It is safe to say, that daddy and I are absolutely head over heels for you baby girl.

To many more months of growing, love and laughter!



Reagan's Stats:
Weight: 20lbs 4oz
Height: 27 inches
Clothes Size: 9 & 12 Month

St Patty's Day

I'll be honest, I've been so wrapped up in Easter planning this year that St. Patrick's day fell by the wayside...until the Morning of. And then of course I was all about green beer, food and tipitty tap clogging all around the house.

I promise to put more thought into the great Irish holiday, but hey, this year wasn't all half bad...

Green food coloring came to the rescue, and Cody ran to the grocery for a quick St Patty's day dinner after we enjoyed a festive breakfast!

We feasted on green eggs, pancakes, Canadian...uhh I mean Irish bacon and beer!

Reagan had the same {minus the beer} and she even got a shamrock pancake! Lucky lil lass.

yeah..our kid eats and mean mugs...hardcore.

Reagan Grace LOOOOOOOVES to feed herself! Hey, buys me time to clean up the kitchen while she entertains herself eating! 

annnnd then it was bath time!
Cody made an amazing Irish dinner with Rye bread, Corned Beef, Cabbage and we drank our drink and sang our songs of a beautiful land far away.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


okay, I know it's technically not Spring quite yet...BUT tomorrow is daylights savings...and the weather has been particularly nice. So I'm celebrating!

The past two days have been GAA-ORR-G-OUS! Reagan and I have taken advantage of it by getting outside and loading up on Vitamin D.





I can already tell we are going to get a lot of use out of our new backyard! Lots of memories will be made with our toes in the grass this year. Can't wait!