Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dear Baby

Dear baby #2,

Your Daddy and I have thought a lot about you lately. Deciding when to have a baby is a very big decision, it changes your life in ways you cannot even predict. But Baby, we are ready for you!

Yes I am your crazy Mom, I love to write letters. Get used to it kid. Just promise me Baby, if you grow up to be an English major, please don't judge my grammar. Just love me.

How is it possible to love someone that hasn't been born, let alone hasn't even been conceived? (Thats right Baby, Im not even pregnant with you yet). But it's true, I do love you. You see Baby, my heart is made up of all the things I love in life. There is a part of my heart for your Daddy, part for your Sister, Family, Friends, Places, and Things. And Baby, there is a special part of my heart for you. But right now its missing something, its missing YOU in our lives.

So now begins our journey for you to come into our lives. I know that you will be here when you are ready. So please Baby, take your time. Come when you are ready, my heart will always be here.



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  1. Does this mean you are officially trying for baby #2?!?!