Monday, March 18, 2013


I first want to address the messy house in these pictures...I initially wanted to photoshop it all out, as I normally would. But decided to leave it, this is what the house looks like at least once a day. Dont judge.
Now onto the amazingly cute baby. She loves her snacks!

Reagan, I promise I change your clothes...but these are clearly a favorite pair of jammies.

I've probably mentioned before, but my goal is to give you whatever we are eating so that by the time you are one you will just eat what's on the menu, I grew up in a home where "we don't make special meals for special people" and you can bet your bottom dollar that you will too.
So far you've liked everything we've given you, some of your favorites are chicken sausage, pizza crust, pasta, rice, cheese even thought that the Indian food I gave you was pretty tasty!

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