Monday, March 18, 2013

St Patty's Day

I'll be honest, I've been so wrapped up in Easter planning this year that St. Patrick's day fell by the wayside...until the Morning of. And then of course I was all about green beer, food and tipitty tap clogging all around the house.

I promise to put more thought into the great Irish holiday, but hey, this year wasn't all half bad...

Green food coloring came to the rescue, and Cody ran to the grocery for a quick St Patty's day dinner after we enjoyed a festive breakfast!

We feasted on green eggs, pancakes, Canadian...uhh I mean Irish bacon and beer!

Reagan had the same {minus the beer} and she even got a shamrock pancake! Lucky lil lass.

yeah..our kid eats and mean mugs...hardcore.

Reagan Grace LOOOOOOOVES to feed herself! Hey, buys me time to clean up the kitchen while she entertains herself eating! 

annnnd then it was bath time!
Cody made an amazing Irish dinner with Rye bread, Corned Beef, Cabbage and we drank our drink and sang our songs of a beautiful land far away.

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