Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nine Months

I finally got a chance to take your 9 month pictures...You my little sweetheart are getting progressively hard to take pictures of. Holding still for a photo op is not high on your priority list these days. Oh well, here they are:: Better late than never.

Reagan Grace,

My sweet girl, another month flying by and another month older. You are busier than ever, crawling and pulling yourself up on everything! It's a full time job keeping my eyes on you! I love to see your little brain working throughout the day as you curiously move about learning new things.

We start our day around 7am, you nurse and then play for a little bit. Then you eat breakfast, usually yogurt and applesauce or oatmeal with blueberries. Another hour or two and you're ready for a morning nap. Then we eat lunch, and you play as I move about the house doing laundry and dishes. Somewhere around 3pm you go down for another nap. Dinner about 6pm and bedtime about 9pm.

I have started putting together some plans for your birthday! I am very excited to celebrate you and the day you joined us in the world. I'm hoping to make it a great big bash, after all, you only get one first birthday!

This month you started waving and clapping, I'm currently trying to teach you how to blow kisses. You love to walk around while holding our hands, pretty soon I think you'll be walking around without us.

Love you to the Moon and to the Stars.



Reagan's Stats:
Weight: 19lbs 14oz
Height: 27 inches (Still...)
Clothes Size: 9 & 12 Month

Thursday, April 4, 2013

American Gothic Austin Style

I've been longing for a new picture to put in our large barn board frame above the fireplace. I was unhappy with how badly the previous picture had 'puckered' so in disgust I took it out without a replacement. And so it hung, empty. I debated on a wedding picture or family picture....or wedding picture...or a family picture. Since we really don't have any family pictures yet my problem continued.
I think may have finally solved the problem with this beauty::

Whaddya Think?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Two Years Married

Two years ago I married my best friend, I had no idea what a great adventure we were about to embark on. Cody has been the person I come to for sympathy, laughter, and advice. He has always been willing to listen to my concerns, and joys (even if I have to pry him away from the TV first). I try and remind myself daily that I am such a lucky girl, I truly believe Cody and I were meant to be together.

Things aren't always rosy around the Austin household, Cody and I work through our differences when they arise. We are obviously not experts on marriage, but we are learning as we go. It has been a fun ride, and I look forward to this next year. 

I am truly lucky to have found my soul mate. I am thankful for his love and am so excited for our many years together as we walk through life hand in hand.

I can't believe that I was 26 weeks pregnant on this day last year. Time flies when you're having fun!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Pictures

My little model baby was so patient during our Easter photo shoot. I'm so pleased with how they turned out!



Reagan's First Easter

What a weekend we had!! On Thursday we packed up the car and headed over the mountains to Nana and Papa's house, we spent time soaking up the sunshine and loving on our family members.