Thursday, May 30, 2013

Some call it a tummy bug

I call it:: poop-a-geddon 2013.
Poor Reagan came down with a tummy situation Sunday evening in the middle of a rousing game of Mexican train with my Mom and Shawn. We all noticed a very foul smell seeping (literally seeping) out of little Miss's diaper. After an impromptu bath and jammie change Reag was off to bed.
She woke up Monday in good spirits but with more intestinal issues throughout the day. Her appetite was no where near her norm, but she powered through the day sleeping much more than normal.
Tuesday I awoke to a full on sick baby. Reagan could hardly eat, and just wanted to sleep. Luckily she didn't have a fever, so I just gave lots of cuddles and did my best to keep her hydrated. More icky, icky diapers came my way.
Wednesday was the calm after the storm! Baby girl has been eating better and has been much more energetic.
So here is to Reagan's first tummy bug. I'm glad she is breaking me in easy into the baby illness department. For some reason the thought of a fever scares the bageezies out of me. I'm thankful I didn't have to fret over one the last couple days.
Glad you're feeling better little babe.

{Sick Baby}
{Happy Baby}

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