Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunny Shine, Shine On Me

Oh Mr. Sunshine, how we missed you.
I've been waiting quite some time to break out the short-shorts and catch some rays. Yes, Reagan is fully lathered in sunscreen, even though I've been insisting she works on her base tan..I kid.
I couldn't help but grabbing the camera while Reag and I snacked on chicken nuggets in the backyard.

My Momma keeps insisting that I find her an agent...this girl is PHOTO-GENIC!! It's all in the eyes.

She wasn't too keen on the sprinkler, I don't blame her, that water was COOOLLDDD!!

And...lets be honest, this happened::

I got way too impatient waiting for Mr. Sunshine to come out, so about a week before the warm weather came I slapped a suit on her and tossed her in the tub.

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