Monday, June 10, 2013

Eleven Months

Reagan Grace,

My little butter bean. I just can't believe your big personality, you're growing up to be such a sweet little girl. Although you hardly sit still for a moment, you still aren't walking. I thought for sure you would be by now, you are close, but still prefer to hold on to us or something to stabilize yourself.

You are still an amazing eater, gobble up almost anything. I am just now starting to ween you on to cow's milk, so far you're not quite sure what to think. Blueberry Eggo waffles are a breakfast staple around here, and still loving your vanilla yogurt.

You love to play by yourself, so happy and content to just roam around the house finding things to get into.

Your sleeping habits have been on the downfall however. It may be because of teething, I'm just not sure. Speaking of which, you have 3 official teeth. The front top two and on on the bottom, I can see the side two on the top trying to make their way down.

We are very excited for your birthday party, I try and get a little bit done every day so I'm not too overwhelmed when it's party time.

This is also the month we found out you're going to be a big sister!! You are going to be a great big sister! I just know it!

My sweet sweet baby, I can't believe next month I will have a ONE year old. Gahhh it seem so surreal. But for now, I'm going to hold on to every last second I have with you as an infant.



Reagan's Stats:
Weight: 19lbs 6oz
Height: 27 1/2 inches
Clothes Size:12 Month

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