Saturday, August 3, 2013

13 Month Update

Reagan Grace,

You my dear are quite the character these days. Daddy and I just love watching you wander around the house playing, leaving your path of destruction.

You play in your room now more than ever, I moved quite a bit of the toys we had in the living room into your bedroom, I was tired of my 'I run a daycare, but I really dont' home decor. So now you go play in there throughout the day, and you love to pull all your clothes and blankets out of the drawers.

I'm convinced your favorite toys are my kitchen utensils and gadgets. Wooden spoons, bowls, plastic pitchers, steamer baskets...all things that you love and all things laying on the living room floor right now. You love to stir up some imaginary yummies and share them with me. Speaking of yummies, you now sign  'hungry' which is so helpful for me to know what your needs are. You use it correctly 99% of the time, sometimes you do it when your tired, right before I put you down for a nap...maybe you're just trying to delay nap time???

You have been sleeping like a champ this month, you naturally pushed your nap times back a couple hours so your bedtime is between 8-9p and you sleep through the night almost all the time. The only time you wake up is when you're too warm or too cold. The western Washington summer makes it hard to regulate the house temp, too warm during the day but temps dip so much at night.

You babble and talk so much, you seem to like words that start with 'B', You try and repeat them after me. I can't wait for you to start developing your vocabulary.

You love to give cuddles and kisses, and have even started blowing kisses. So cute, my heart just melts!

We started Little Gym right before your birthday and still go once a week, you love it and I think it's your favorite part of the week! You are the only girl in your class, and steal the attention of all the boys, you even got your first kiss from a little boy named Jack! Yeeps!

Still such a great eater, you're thinning out since you are constantly moving, I hated seeing your little leg rolls disappear!!

I am just so in love with you Reagan, you light up my world and I'm so thankful that I get to stay home and watch you grow and learn everyday!

I love you.


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