Monday, September 23, 2013

Baby Number Two...

Is a GIRL!!
We are so happy to be having another beautiful healthy girl!

I wanted to do something special for a 'gender reveal' but having a party just really isn't feasible, since all our family and friends are so spread out over the States.

SO I thought I would send some little treats in the mail, hoping they would make it in one piece!!

Of course with the help of Pinterest, I was able to whip up these little gems!

I failed to take pictures during the process, but I can give you the 'run down'.

The concept of these cookies is to take three cookies and stack them together, the middle cookie having a space cut out in the middle to hide the frosting.

I purchased a onesie cookie cutter off of Amazon, whipped up my favorite go to sugar cookie recipe (TIP* pop your unbaked cut cookies in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before baking, it helps hold their shape).


Bake your cookies according to your recipe. Fresh out of the oven cut out a rectangle in every third cookie. Be careful not to get to close to the edge of the cookie or it won't be strong enough to assemble. 
I just used a plain old butter knife and free handed the cutouts. After all you won't notice if it is uneven. 

I used royal icing to "glue" the three cookies together, before placing the top cookie, fill your hole with either pink or blue icing. Pop your top cookie on and let set for a day, yes a day. Your cookies will need to be completely set in order to withstand the weight of the total cookie...still with me??

I then thinned the remaining white icing and spooned it all over the cookie letting it run down the sides. 

When you break it open...BEHOLD! The gender reveal!

The day I had the ultrasound was also Cody's birthday, I wanted to make him some special treats as well!

For these guys, I carefully cut a hole in the top of the cupcake after baking and hid sprinkles inside. Replace the top and frost. Waaa-laaahh!

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