Wednesday, October 9, 2013

15 months

Age: 15 Months

Stats: {Your guess is as good as mine}

Clothes: Our petite babe is still rocking 9-12 month clothes. Most 12 months are either too big or saggy baggy. I was even able to squeeze her into a 3 month was snug, but it buttoned.

Favorite food: Reagan has been loving the fruit squeeze pouches lately, which makes me happy because she has always been picky about fruit. She also loves the old standby, chick nuggs and tots. Mac n cheese, spaghetti, and quesadillas also top the list.

Favorite words: Reagan is loving animal noises, she can moo and woof with the best of them! She also likes bye, belly (bee-eee), eyes (Eee), uh-oh, and BOO (BAA).

Favorite activities: Snacking/eating, dancing, bath time, taking off her socks, rough housing with Daddy.

Last favorite activities: Washing the soap out of her hair. Hates it.

Signature moves: Blowing kisses. Pointing out body parts, knows: eyes, nose, mouth, hair, belly and sometimes ears. Talking on imaginary phones.

Mom's proudest moment: I handed little babe her water cup, which I had just refilled, and some water dripped off of it and on to the kitchen floor. Reagan immediately said "uh-oh!" ran over to the oven and grabbed the towel that was hanging on the door and wiped up the water droplets.

Dad's proudest moment: Getting head to toe filthy playing in the dirt at the farm.

Other milestones: I am amazed everyday by how much Reagan understands, I can speak to her in complete, simple, sentences and she will respond appropriately. Like if I say, "Reagan its time for a diaper change, can you lay down for Mama?" She will lay down on the floor like a little angel (most of the time). Reagan is such a mini me these days, she follows me everywhere mimicking my every move. She has been quite the little helper when it comes to packing, I look forward to unpacking, as she has loved tossing random toys into the boxes as I fill them with items. Reagan recognizes different animals and knows their noises, she loves her pj's with puppy dogs on them, lots of "woof woofs" those nights!

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