Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First Night in our New (to us) House

We all had a very busy weekend, getting unpacked, cleaning, and organizing. I am so thankful to all my helpers! Shawn got the baby gates installed (big brownie points), the Mom’s cleaned, unpacked and kept me sane, by helping with Reagan. And Cody even sacrificed a lot of hunting time so that he could make sure his girls would be taken care of for the next 3 weeks.

However the busy weekend had to come to an end, and on Sunday about 3pm everyone needed to start their long journey home.

Once the cars were pulled out of the driveway and on their dusty path back to the city, I decided that Reagan and I needed some good outside time. The weather had been rainy most the weekend and we had been so busy inside that some fresh air was in order. Reagan loves playing in the gravel and decided that “jumping” off the railroad ties was a good activity. So that’s what we did for an hour. Once she had burnt off some energy, we headed inside for dinner and a warm bath before bed.

About 7pm she was ready for bed, and I was right behind her. I tucked her in and got myself showered and in bed by 7:45.

I was nervous about how she would sleep, but she slept great! I was concerned about it getting too cold, but only had to turn the little electric heater on at 2am once her room had hit 60 degrees.

We woke up bright and early at 6:30, had some snacks (dry cheerios) and watched Peppa Pig out by the fireplace.

I’ve managed to get the kitchen in pretty decent shape, wash a load of laundry and do some organizing so far this morning (thanks to an unexpected 9am nap on Reagan’s end). The rest of day consists of, vacuuming, maybe a carpet cleaning session, but most important of all:: the internet/tv man is coming.

It was a successful first night. Although we both miss Cody very much, we are looking forward to getting things settled in for his arrival in a couple weeks. Being here early also gives me a chance to do some last minute fall chores before winter sets in.



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