Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We Made it a Week!

Just barely. Wednesday was a tough day for Reagan Grace and I, and when 5pm rolled around I decided that I needed to go ‘home’. I knew that if I started packing right now I could leave by 7 and Reagan would sleep the whole way there. As I began my mad dash around the house to throw a bag together, I started having second thoughts, maybe I should just leave in the morning, maybe I was over reacting, maybe I just needed a good nights sleep.

I decided to stay. I knew I needed to sleep, and that tomorrow was a new day.

When I woke up Thursday morning I kept myself busy with cleaning and organizing. And was glad that I hadn’t made that mad dash for the door.

It has been a harder than anticipated adjustment for me. The biggest absence is not having my amazing husband to rely on. He helps me keep my sanity when I’ve had a no good- very bad day. It’s also been tough to “move in” since the house has been vacant it is DIRTY- DUSTY and overall in need of some TLC. So unpacking takes twice as long because everything has to be cleaned before I can unload my boxes. All the while chasing after an almost 16month old and toting a baby bump around. By 7pm I am grateful when Reagan goes to bed, and I can shower and climb in bed about 8p.

We’ve been getting up every morning between 6:30-7a, enjoying our mornings in front of the fireplace with breakfast and cartoons. I try and get at least one big project done in the early afternoon, and evenings are reserved for a peaceful dinner-bath time-playtime-bed routine.

Reagan and I have been taking daily outside breaks to enjoy the weather. It’s been gorgeous, a little chilly in the shade but the warm sunshine feels great on our face. We’ve collected walnuts, raked pine needles and leaves and had lots of handfuls of dirt and gravel.

I’ve been surprised at how well Reagan has adjusted, she really seems to love it here. She spends a lot of time playing in her new room, and was ecstatic the day I set up her teepee. She has been napping and sleeping like a champ. I wake up a lot at night worried she is too hot/cold, but hopefully that will ease as I get more comfortable in our living situation.

So far, I’ve just been leaving an electric heater in her room to keep it warm. I don’t plan on turning on our furnace until December, the furnace is a HUGE power sucker and will gladly take all our monies from our wallet if we let it. Since the house is so large it will be a struggle to keep it warm throughout the Winter months, so we’ll see how this first winter treats us newbie’s. We have a pellet stove in the upstairs living room that kicks on when it hits 60 degrees overnight. In the morning I kick it up to 65 so we can get toasty warm, and thankfully the Fall sunshine has been keeping the upstairs warm throughout the afternoon.

Deciding to move over 3 weeks before my husband may have been a little ambitious, I will admit. But hey we are one week down, two weeks to go. I’m confident that us girls can make it through just fine. It will be a very pretty sight to see Cody pull in with his truck full ready to move in.


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  1. Beautiful Pictures! Miss you guys and the farm! Can't wait for a visit :)