Monday, November 4, 2013

16 Months


Age: 16 Months

Stats: {Your guess is as good as mine}

Clothes: Still in 9-12 for the most part.

Favorite food: "Bree" which is bread. Reagan loves her some bread, I have bought some cinnamon raisin bread and pumpkin strudel bread and she loves that for breakfast.

Favorite words: Loves "Uh-oh"! She is a chatty little thing, most of which is rabble-gabble, with an occasional "bye" thrown in. She is a "Peeaa" (please) pro, she knows that she has to say it before we will give her things she wants.

Favorite activities: Karate Kicking complete with a "HIIYAA".

Least favorite activities: Not getting what she wants.

Signature moves: Still a champ at kiss blowing, also loves to walk up to me and hug/kiss my legs when I'm standing up.

Mom's proudest moment:  We were watching a food network show, and Reag saw something that must have peaked her interest because all of a sudden she was all "MMMMmMMMMm" and "YUM YUM!" it was so cute that she thought something on TV looked tasty. For someone who could watch the food channel all day it was a pretty happy moment for me.

Dad's proudest moment: Eating a Tim's Jalepeno chip like a champ! Reagan begged and begged for a bite when Cody was eating them and after telling her she wouldn't like it, that it was too spicy 100 times, I gave the go-ahead to give her a little piece. And although she ate it, she didn't ask for another one! We were pretty proud of her!

Other milestones: Reagan is an active as ever! She is really well behaved and listens when we ask her to do something (most of the time). Reagan has adjusted really well to the move and seems to really like it here.

Her 18month Molars have been starting to bother her, they are so swollen and feel like they could pop through at any time.

I'm so happy she is such a good eater, she has started to protest things we know she likes a little- but after we pretend to take a bite and proclaim how delicious it is, she goes in gunghoe.

Reagan is officially a one nap a day kinda gal. She goes down for her nap about 12-2p and sleeps for 1.5-2 hours. She wakes up for the day between 7-7:30a and bedtime is between 7-8p.

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