Friday, November 29, 2013

Feeling Thankful and Holiday plans

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
We had a beautiful and bountiful Thanksgiving at Cody's parents. So Thankful to have such a wonderful and giving extended family.
We had a relaxing morning, I made a small breakfast and we enjoyed coffee by the fire before cleaning up the house a little bit and getting ready to head over to the in-laws. I timed the one hour drive to co-inside with Reagan's nap, unfortunately she chose to only sleep for 30 minutes of it. Whatcanyado?!

This counts as my 29 week picture since I slacked this week. {29 Weeks 4 Days} and clearly Cody was feeling very relaxed after his eggnog drink.

Our beautiful table setting

And what barefoot and pregnant post would be complete without my completely horrible quality cell phone pics. You're Welcome.
Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was just as full-filling (pun intended)!
Now, lets get to bizznass.
The countdown till we can get a tree is ON like DONKEY KONG. Us Austin's have a debate on when we can get the tree, I want it NOW and Cody likes to hold off so it isn't a complete dried up fire danger by the time Santa slides down the chimney. I get it. I just don't care.
We kicked off the Christmas season with a round of peppermint hot chocolates. It was Reagan's first hot chocolate- she liked it, didn't love it.
I'm excited to get some more holiday type things done in the next couple weeks. We are scheduled to get snow this week, so, we have that to look forward to.
And last but not least. Our Austin 2nd Annual White Trash Christmas will be commencing at some point this month. We started this last year on a complete whim. We just decided to dress trashy and show up to my Mother's Christmas dinner. She was thrilled let me tell you.
Well now that it's a tradition, I'm putting much more thought and effort into it.
Here was last year's family pic::

Happy Holidays!


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