Sunday, November 3, 2013

Work Day

We were so fortunate to have beautiful weather on Friday - So we took advantage, left our boxes and mess inside and headed outside to get some chores done. Mainly raking pine needles. It's totally an uphill battle with these guys, but needs to be done never the less.

Reagan was quite the entertainer, and it was a good thing Grandma Karen was here to chase her around and keep her out of trouble. 

She loved helping Daddy push the wheelbarrow! Hope she likes chores this much when she is older.

Just a few of our piles, I will gladly rake if Cody cleans up my piles after me. -Bending over at this point in pregnancy is a chore in itself!

Lots of tumble weeds that get stuck in the fence

Oh Happy Day!
And so glad we got out for some fresh air when we did, Saturday and Sunday have been nasty, cold and windy!!

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