Friday, December 20, 2013

Doctors Orders

 Yesterday I had my 32 Week checkup with Doctor Smith, pretty typical for the most part- up 2 lbs (woof), belly measures big (4 weeks), annnnd then he asks me if I've had any contractions. I had already had this issue on my agenda to discuss with him, so I say YES. He showed a little concern with the amount I've had and the length of time that they occur. So I was ordered to 'take it easy'. Lets be honest about one thing - it's not like I'm doing a jazzercise session every morning, I take it pretty darn easy throughout the day. But I was urged to slow it down even more for the next few weeks.
Without a doubt we are on the same page about this baby coming early. Doc's concern was giving this baby a few more weeks before we get serious about labor. Carter needs a little bit more time to cook.
So I'm hoping to enjoy life from the slow lane for the next couple weeks:: Exhibit A ::
Don't be fooled, I'm not watching anything substantial, not on purpose anyway. Mr. President has interrupted my soap opera watching with a press conference. RUDE.
So for now, I will try and get some fun blog posts written, enjoy cuddling with my only child, and continue to day dream about what 2014 holds for us Austin's.


  1. I will be there soon to pamper you!

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