Monday, December 9, 2013

Remember that time our pipes froze

With all this crazy weather floating around the country I didn't want to complain about the shenanigans we're going through right now. Hope everyone reading is safe and warm!
Long story short: We don't have water, in our house anyway. Our main waterline coming into the house is frozen. It's been below freezing temps for almost two weeks now. So I guess it was a matter of time before something froze. Luckily for us, we have a no-freeze water pump out by the barn- so we go out there a couple times a day to fill gallon size water jugs.

It seems to be getting easier to deal with (going on 3 days now), it just makes doing dishes a pain in the rear! Thankfully we have power, so boiling water on the stove is how we are getting by with cleaning and of course a bath for Reag.
Hoping for warmer (above freezing) temps this upcoming week!

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