Wednesday, December 11, 2013

SOLD to the highest bidder!

That highest bidder would be US!
We are the proud owners of a one of a kind 2007 rambler located in Tri Cities Washington!!
That's right, we are homeowners!! WHooP WHooP!!
It's going to be a great starter home for us Austin's. I am so excited to watch our girls grow up in this home, run around the back yard, and of course make LOTS and LOTS of memories.
Holidays - Birthdays - Everydays...I can't wait!
This is such an exciting adventure and I'm so glad that I have this beautiful family to share it with.

And you KNOW I can't wait to get in there and get some DIY projects done! Luckily for us, the house is in really great shape- so interior paint is really what is on the list.

A few other things involve::
 New flooring
Kitchen Renovation
Patio lighting

Some great goals to start saving up our monies for. But you better believe we are taking a vacation before ANY of the big stuff gets tackled.

We are in the last steps of our closing process, just waiting for the loan to be finalized. Our ultimate dream would to be in the house by Christmas, but for sure will be in by the end of the year.


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