Tuesday, January 28, 2014

38...no, I refuse.

From the beginning of this pregnancy I had my mind made up that I wouldn't be pregnant this long.
Don't get me wrong. I'm happy that I have a healthy little babe squirming around happy as can be in my uterus. I'm thankful that my body has created and grown such a sweet little cherub. And that she continues to thrive in there, all warm and cozy. With that being said. GET OUT. Your time is up.
Obviously I'm being a little dramatic at this point, I can hardly roll out of bed- tieing my shoes has become and Olympic sport- and my constant hunger has driven our cabinets to be bare and my car through McDonalds more times than I care to disclose.
So now, I refuse to do another "weekly update" I'm sure your tired of reading the same thing over and over, I'm sure tired of typing it over and over. I sleep like shit, I gained weight and I'm cranky...The end.
So this week we are doing something different.
The weather has been cold and cloudy. I could use a little sunshine for sure.
I've been walking the neighborhood quite a bit. In 30 degree weather/snow flurries- I'm sure my neighbors think I'm pretty desperate.
My Mommy came to visit for the weekend, in hopes she could sweet talk little Miss into making her debut. No luck.
I sleep with a towel next to my bed because I'm convinced I will wake up to my water breaking or me peeing the bed. One of the two is bound to happen.
I had a lot of friends call/text to check in on me this week, which was nice. Thanks friends.
If I'm still pregnant on Thursday I have my weekly checkup. I may organize a sit-in, which would consist of me packing my purse full of snacks and refusing to leave until this girl is out. I'm positive Dr Smith would respond well to that.
Reagan has decided that anytime my belly is showing she needs to rub lotion on it.
She has also added "pizza" to her vocab. Not sure what took her so long to pick up on that one.
Cody is positive that I haven't had Carter because I'm mentally blocking the labor from starting. I told him "duh, I know what chaos the next 2-3 months holds for me".
That's all for this week. Lets hope a birth announcement is my next post!

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