Tuesday, February 4, 2014

19 months


Clothes: Finally getting into some 18 month clothes, granted there is lots of extra room. But I refuse to buy any new clothes for her in anything smaller than 18m. I've had a hayday planning matching outfits with baby sister (insert evil laugh here), I will apologize to you girls in advance for the embarrassing pictures that your futures hold.

Favorite food: Still loves her mango flavored fruit squeezes, Reagan is still such a great eater, and loves to make a big fat mess- I usually let her have at it, mainly because I would rather deal with the clean up than the tantrum that comes if I don't let her. Choose your battles.

Favorite words: "That" - Everything is that, that, that. She loves to point at everything and have me tell her what it is. It probably doesn't count as a word, but "vroom Vroom" is a constant around the house. Everything from her toy cars, to cars driving by, and even a woman in motorized cart in Wal-mart got a "Vroom Vroom" - I just about died.

Favorite activities: Considering she did it twice this month, I would say pooping in the bath tub is top of her list. Guess I missed the chapter in the baby book on how to scoop out floaters. But for sure bath time is her favorite, you can't even mention bath or bathroom without her then demanding she gets one. Reagan loves to share her snacks with all her babies, and tuck them into blankies to take a nap. She is a "high five" and "pound it" master. Reading and putting puzzles together, coloring both on paper and our new chalkboard wall. All favorites of our girl.
Least favorite activities: Really the only time she gets frustrated is when she is tired, then hold on to your hats, everything from books to toys to the clothes she is wearing feels the wrath of Reagan.

Signature moves: Reagan loves to sing, and I love to hear her make up her own little words (language). She is a master at sockie removal, and she loves to touch you with her little icicle toes. Any time you go potty she is right on your heels to join you, she sits on her little potty and chats you up.

Mom's proudest moment: I've really enjoyed sitting back and watching her play this month. Her imagination is impressive and loves to pretend. Her big thing this month has been playing beauty parlor with some of my old hair product and nail polish bottles.

Dad's proudest moment: One night I decided that cooking dinner was the last thing on Earth I wanted to do, so we ordered Domino's- when it arrived Reagan was so excited and kept repeating "Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!" Love when she adds new words to her vocab.

Other milestones: Finally will drink milk, we discovered during the Holidays that if we cut her milk with eggnog she would gobble it right up. Then we started splashing vanilla soy milk in, just for the flavor, and now she will drink it with or without the splash of soy.

This month Reagan can officially climb in the recliner by herself. She still needs help getting on the couch. But our petite gal is making progress. Hey, I won't complain- keeps me from worrying about her climbing up and falling/jumping/barrel rolling off.

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  1. Adorable. Reading this gets me SO darn excited to have babies. Oh wait, I was already SO DARN excited! I love reading about your life. You're an amazing mom!