Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Review

Holy SPRING! We are loving all this great weather! Our little family spent lots of time outside both Saturday and Sunday, we mowed & fertilized the lawn, trimmed some shrubbery, planted some more flowers, but most importantly I PLANTED MY GARDEN!!

Im super excited to have my own REAL garden this year. I've done my share of container gardening while in apartments, finding any scratch of dirt facing the sun while in rental homes, but this THIS is exciting! I'm a little nervous to see what Spring does to the tree planted directly in front of the raised bed. I'm not sure who thought it was a good idea to build it in the shade of the tree, but maybe it wont be a big deal.

For many years I've started my own seeds indoors (moving them from window to window so they get enough sunlight) and for the most part I've been pretty disappointed with the outcome. Usually half way through their growing period I'm over it and wish that I didn't have to deal with it. So last year I vowed that I wasn't going to hassle with it unless I had a real greenhouse and garden to do it all.

This year I just planted seed directly in the ground, we'll see where that gets me. I did buy the tomato plants already established just to be sure. I used wooden skewers to mark out where I planted what. That way I don't mistake seedlings as weeds and rip them out.

I still have some work to do with the rock beds in the front of the house, but I'd say our little house is off to a great start this Spring!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Home Update::Flooring

We were so excited to buy and move into our home, but the first thing that was on the hunny do list was ripping out that gawd awful musky green carpet! Neither Cody or I are carpet fans, especially when it's ugly stained and who knows what has been embedded in it. Carpet is dirty, no matter how many times you vacuum.
We were lucky enough to get a decent tax return this year, and we vowed to use it on a home improvement item. It was between flooring and a new oven range. Since baby C will be spending a lot of time on the floor, my push was clearly to remove the carpet. The stove will have to wait for another day.
Check out our before:
{Front entry & Living room}


Seriously, who looks at carpet samples and thinks...YES! This is the one!
Our After shots:
{Dining room}

*The picture shown isn't of it quite finished, the last row wasn't finished.*

Work in progress pics:

It was the best use of our money! Its turned our house into a completely different home, to say we are both over the moon in love with it would be an understatement.
We still need to change out all the baseboards and trim, and doors...and eventually re carpet the bedrooms, tile the bathrooms...and yadda yadda.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcome Spring!

Happy first day of Spring!!

I must have major cabin fever because I woke up this morning with the gardening itch! After breakfast I dressed Reagan and myself and headed out the door to cruise the flower department at the local hardware store.

It was so nice to spend the afternoon with my hands in the dirt, my favorite Spring time activity by far.

And all that fresh air sure did wear me out!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why car seats should have a puke rating

Tuesday morning us girls, Nana - Reagan - Carter - & I, were up bright and early to run some errands and make a trip to Bickleton to get some yard tools that had been left behind during the move.
It was CJ's first trip to the farm, her cow slippers were a must wear item. Obvi.

We packed up the diaper bag with a weeks worth of diapers and headed out the door.
First stop target!
Second stop LUNCH!
All was good in the hood. CJ peacefully a slumber, Reagan content with the ipad. When all of a sudden....
Mom and I glance back in horror. Puke everywhere. I pull over, Mom jumps out and starts to unbuckle Reagan. I grabbed the now puke covered ipad and quickly baby wiped the hell out of it in fear that it would soon be ruined.
We stand her up on the tailgate and peel off all her puked upon clothes, everything, including her socks. Luckily and unfortunately I had grabbed an extra coat for Reagan thinking it would be chilly in B-town, unfortunately that's the only extra item of clothing that I packed. I did manage to find a random pair of socks stuffed in the bottom of the diaper bag. That means that Reagan rocked a diaper and jacket the rest of our trip.
Once we got Reagan cleaned up, we surveyed the damage in the truck. Every nook, cranny, buckle and latch had puke in it. Why oh why are there so many places for puke to seep into? And more importantly why have I never read a car seat review that acknowledges the ease or difficulty in cleaning puke out of the seat? I've read a lot of car seat reviews, carefully looked over their safety, available options and the all important cup holder feature - never once has any mother mentioned this.
We made our way up the hill slowly. We pulled over a few more times for poor Reag to hurl.
Once we arrived, Reagan relished in the fresh air. Nana noted that she looked like a Russian Playboy Bunny ready for her next photo shoot.
It was a brisk 55 degrees, but that didn't stop her from acting a fool. Running around, and stumbling through the wheat fields.

What an adventure.

Book Worm

Someone snagged Nana's reading glasses...

Have you ever seen such a cute book worm?!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Play Date!!

We were lucky enough to have Miss Kennedy come play for the day this weekend! Although it was warm out, the darn wind made it a bit chilly.
Reagan likes to rock her sunglasses upside down. All the cool kids are doing it.

Moon sand was a BIG hit!

The teeter-totter was ehhh...

And the pink ATV gets high centered in our lumpy lawn.

Luck O' The Irish

Our clan had a whale of a time today on St Paddy's day. Daddy O'Austin kicked it off with lucky green pancakes, and we finished 'er off with a shamrockin good Irish feast for dinner!
Momma O'Austin attempted to get the little lassie's together for a photo shoot. It t'wasnt a lucky adventure indeed.
Things went amiss when the littlest O'Austin licked the arm of the second littlest. 
T'wasnt quite what Momma O'Austin envisioned. But twill have to do for this year.

Wishin you found your pot 'o gold today!

Friday, March 14, 2014

D is for Dirt

We are loving this Spring weather! It's predicted to be 70 degrees this coming Sunday, can you say SUNDAY FUNDAY!!! Yes Please! Drinks are being chilled, little pink ATV's are being charged and my weed pulling fingers are getting warmed up!
Reagan takes every opportunity these days to play in the dirt, and what better place than a garden bed?? She will be maaaaaad at me once I get things planted in there and won't let her play in it any longer. Good thing we have a sand/water table to bust out this year. I have a feeling it will be more like a dirt/rock table.

She is so funny, with even a mention of going outside, she is at the hall closet door pounding and cheering for her shoes. She knows that as soon as those go on she gets to go out and play!
Can we just take a moment to oogle her pony tail shadow. .... Oh I'm so in love with it. 

...also notice her green nail polish, she is the perfect combination of girly girl and tom boy.

Reagan is at such a fun age, her imagination surprises me everyday. Mudpies will definitely be on the menu this Summer.

We've had a pretty low key week, more so than normal. I'm recovering from a love affair with mastitis, so it was nice to just be able to open our back door and let this girl loose. The backyard was definitely a selling feature when we bought the home, and I'm growing more and more confident that we made the right choice!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why I write

This little blog is coming up on its third birthday. Another year older and wiser I suppose. But I wanted to remind my readers, and mainly myself why I choose to take the time to write these posts.
I started this blog because a college friend of mine started one. I had blog envy. I loved reading about the ins and outs of her life and knew instantly that I wanted to share my world the same way.
I was freshly married, a career girl, and living the 20's lifestyle. All was bliss.
Cody and I knew we wanted to start a family, I had a blog theme served up on a silver platter. Lets write about our journey from newlyweds to parenthood.
As our lives changed so did my writing. Documenting my pregnancy with Reagan I decided I would utilize the blog as a form of a baby book. I turned all my pregnancy posts into book format and had it printed. Every year after their birthdays I plan to print all the posts from the year. Ultimately each of our girls will have 19 books when they turn 18.
I try and capture the day to day pictures, initially I spent a lot of time posing Reagan and editing pictures, as beautiful as they are and as much as I love them they aren't as real. Somehow the shot with yogurt in the hair and a pile of laundry in the background captures our family's essence much more accurately. But I still find time to have the occasional photo sesh, I have to have something to frame.
My hopes in writing this blog, is that someday my grown girls will have something pull off the top shelf of the closet on a rainy afternoon and reminisce over. I want to document their childhood through a collection of pictures and random thoughts. Give them something they can show their children and eventually grandchildren.
Most of all I hope they like it. No. They better love it.
I love you girls.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The glamour of motherhood, a true story.

It's Friday night, Cody just got home from work and I'm sitting on the bedroom floor with a mason jar of wine. This is my first moment of alone time all day. I have spit up in my hair, on my shirt and spaghetti sauce from lunch under my finger nails. I barely found enough time to brush my teeth this morning, and by morning I mean 11am. I'm wearing my favorite yoga pants for the third day in a row and yet another one of my husbands oversized shirts.

All I want is to slip into a hot bath and soak the next few hours away, I imaging a world that lets me hide in here until the children are fast asleep and I can cozy up on the couch and watch the inappropriate tv shows that we have to save for when little eyes aren't around. But alas...I will have to settle for a quick shower, because there is a toddler to feed and a fussy baby to nurse.

I speed through, foregoing conditioner in an attempt to save time and opt for a glob of leave-in and a quick comb through. My mascara is hanging on to the undersides of my eyes for the second day in a row, but I do manage a couple swipes of deodorant under each arm. I look in the mirror, take a few deep breathes, a quick pep talk, a pat on the back and back to the battle field that is our living room.

Reagan is crying because she wants bread for dinner and not what has been prepared. Carter is in the swing on the brink of losing her shit and has spit up dribbling down her chin. Cody and I shoot each other the "is it bed time yet" look, or is it the "pass the vodka" look?? But we carry on. Mainly because that's our only option. These days go by so fast, and soon they will be a distant memory. And when the time does come to tuck in the covers and turn out the lights, I look at my girls and my heart is so full. I would choose this life 100 times over. After all, I will have plenty of time for that hot bath when the girls are grown.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring is in the air, and so is Reagan


We are still getting the hang of Cody's work schedule these days. Yesterday and today was his "weekend", and today was GORGEOUS we spent the morning sipping coffee on the patio and chasing Reagan around the yard.

Reagan only decided to slow down when Cody scooped her up, swung her around and tossed her in the air.



This girl is loving life these days! I cant wait for our first Summer spent in this yard!