Tuesday, March 4, 2014

20 Months

Twenty Months

Stats: 32 inches & 23 lbs

Clothes: 12 and 18 month

Favorite food: bread is still top of the list. Loving milk especially when I mix in chocolate breakfast powder. Yogurt and olives, not together usually. And pancakes.

Favorite words: that, mess, baby, clean up, all done, where'd go.

Favorite activities: drawing, hugging and holding Carter, going for drives, taking off her clothes, bath time.
Least favorite activities: waking up from naps, Reagan hates life for about 20-45 minutes after taking a nap. 

Signature moves: I officially name this month, the month of the naked Reagan. Reag has been anti clothes and diaper, when she decides she has had enough of wearing clothes she starts pulling at them hulk-a-mania style and grunting until I give in and take them off her. Once summer rolls around it will be a clothes optional kind of place.

Mom's proudest moment: I have been so blown away with how well Reagan has adjusted to carter. I knew she would do good, but I really didn't expect her to do so stellar.

Dad's proudest moment: a few weeks ago I was hanging shelves in the bathroom, Reagan watched intently as I used the handy dandy stud finder. As soon as I put it down she grabbed it and ran out, never to be seen again. Well one night all of us were watching tv, something educational I'm sure, and Reagan pulled the stud finder out of her toy bin and started gliding it around the wall, Cody was so blown away that she knew what to do with it. After taking numerous pics he turned to me and said, "put this down as my proudest moment". Done.

Other milestones: 

We have had a pretty low key month, lazing around the house while snow flurries blow about outside and babies poop themselves inside. Reagan, you have grown and developed so much this month. It's so much fun taking you to run errands, you are such a little lady and it is so fun to watch you interact with your surroundings and everyone in it. You manage to always find someone to flirt with when we go out to eat, you have a soft spot for elderly men. You say hi and bye to evvveryone in grocery isles, and are the best back-up singer around as we cruise town belting out Kacey Musgraves and Pistol Annies. 

And finally, can I remark about how freaking fast this year is going?! Dislike. I cant believe that in four short months you will be celebrating your second birthday. It is so bittersweet, I love watching you grow up but hate that time is flying by so fast. I really want to make a better effort to document the little things that make up our day, the things that amaze me and make me laugh. I want to remember these days forever. For evvvv eeerrrr.

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