Wednesday, March 5, 2014

One month

My Sweet baby Carter,
Wow, what a fast month this has been. A pretty uneventful one (in the best way possible), you are a rock star sleeper, eater and snuggler. You seem to be growing bigger everyday, your 3 month jammies are already getting a little short in the arms and legs. You like to eat every two hours during the day, but are only getting up two (sometimes one!!) time at night to eat. You are what the doc calls a spitty baby, you spit up A LOT and burp A LOT. But you are gaining weight well so there is no cause for concern, hopefully you grow out of it soon.
I'm pretty sure your Sister thinks you are the best thing since sliced bread, and she likes her some bread. I am so happy that you girls will have each other as you grow up. I hope that you can find a true friend in your Sister and that you always know that you can turn to her in times of happiness and heartache.
Your Daddy and I have been trying to decide whether your eyes will turn from blue, they almost seem to be getting lighter. Your hair is a very reddish brown, you are certain to be a beauty for sure.
I am so excited for what your future holds, and I can't wait to see the little lady you become.
Everyday I look at you and think to myself how lucky I am to get to be your Mother.
I love you sweet girl.
Forever and Always.

Carter's Stats::
Weight: 12lbs 2oz
Height: 22 inches
Clothes: 3 months

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