Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Review

Holy SPRING! We are loving all this great weather! Our little family spent lots of time outside both Saturday and Sunday, we mowed & fertilized the lawn, trimmed some shrubbery, planted some more flowers, but most importantly I PLANTED MY GARDEN!!

Im super excited to have my own REAL garden this year. I've done my share of container gardening while in apartments, finding any scratch of dirt facing the sun while in rental homes, but this THIS is exciting! I'm a little nervous to see what Spring does to the tree planted directly in front of the raised bed. I'm not sure who thought it was a good idea to build it in the shade of the tree, but maybe it wont be a big deal.

For many years I've started my own seeds indoors (moving them from window to window so they get enough sunlight) and for the most part I've been pretty disappointed with the outcome. Usually half way through their growing period I'm over it and wish that I didn't have to deal with it. So last year I vowed that I wasn't going to hassle with it unless I had a real greenhouse and garden to do it all.

This year I just planted seed directly in the ground, we'll see where that gets me. I did buy the tomato plants already established just to be sure. I used wooden skewers to mark out where I planted what. That way I don't mistake seedlings as weeds and rip them out.

I still have some work to do with the rock beds in the front of the house, but I'd say our little house is off to a great start this Spring!

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