Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why car seats should have a puke rating

Tuesday morning us girls, Nana - Reagan - Carter - & I, were up bright and early to run some errands and make a trip to Bickleton to get some yard tools that had been left behind during the move.
It was CJ's first trip to the farm, her cow slippers were a must wear item. Obvi.

We packed up the diaper bag with a weeks worth of diapers and headed out the door.
First stop target!
Second stop LUNCH!
All was good in the hood. CJ peacefully a slumber, Reagan content with the ipad. When all of a sudden....
Mom and I glance back in horror. Puke everywhere. I pull over, Mom jumps out and starts to unbuckle Reagan. I grabbed the now puke covered ipad and quickly baby wiped the hell out of it in fear that it would soon be ruined.
We stand her up on the tailgate and peel off all her puked upon clothes, everything, including her socks. Luckily and unfortunately I had grabbed an extra coat for Reagan thinking it would be chilly in B-town, unfortunately that's the only extra item of clothing that I packed. I did manage to find a random pair of socks stuffed in the bottom of the diaper bag. That means that Reagan rocked a diaper and jacket the rest of our trip.
Once we got Reagan cleaned up, we surveyed the damage in the truck. Every nook, cranny, buckle and latch had puke in it. Why oh why are there so many places for puke to seep into? And more importantly why have I never read a car seat review that acknowledges the ease or difficulty in cleaning puke out of the seat? I've read a lot of car seat reviews, carefully looked over their safety, available options and the all important cup holder feature - never once has any mother mentioned this.
We made our way up the hill slowly. We pulled over a few more times for poor Reag to hurl.
Once we arrived, Reagan relished in the fresh air. Nana noted that she looked like a Russian Playboy Bunny ready for her next photo shoot.
It was a brisk 55 degrees, but that didn't stop her from acting a fool. Running around, and stumbling through the wheat fields.

What an adventure.

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