Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why I write

This little blog is coming up on its third birthday. Another year older and wiser I suppose. But I wanted to remind my readers, and mainly myself why I choose to take the time to write these posts.
I started this blog because a college friend of mine started one. I had blog envy. I loved reading about the ins and outs of her life and knew instantly that I wanted to share my world the same way.
I was freshly married, a career girl, and living the 20's lifestyle. All was bliss.
Cody and I knew we wanted to start a family, I had a blog theme served up on a silver platter. Lets write about our journey from newlyweds to parenthood.
As our lives changed so did my writing. Documenting my pregnancy with Reagan I decided I would utilize the blog as a form of a baby book. I turned all my pregnancy posts into book format and had it printed. Every year after their birthdays I plan to print all the posts from the year. Ultimately each of our girls will have 19 books when they turn 18.
I try and capture the day to day pictures, initially I spent a lot of time posing Reagan and editing pictures, as beautiful as they are and as much as I love them they aren't as real. Somehow the shot with yogurt in the hair and a pile of laundry in the background captures our family's essence much more accurately. But I still find time to have the occasional photo sesh, I have to have something to frame.
My hopes in writing this blog, is that someday my grown girls will have something pull off the top shelf of the closet on a rainy afternoon and reminisce over. I want to document their childhood through a collection of pictures and random thoughts. Give them something they can show their children and eventually grandchildren.
Most of all I hope they like it. No. They better love it.
I love you girls.


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