Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Two Under Two'sday

Anyone else just now feeling like they have recovered from the Easter holiday?
Just me??
Okay well, fine then.

The event of planning and packing the family up for a day away from home was mentally taxing, so fun and so worth it, but it left me feeling drained for the majority of the week. But each time I do it, it will get easier.

So, with that being said. Lets just recap and share some fun facts.

Reagan fell asleep in her highchair for the first time ever.
Reagan will be two in two months...just typing that makes my stomach turn. I guess I should start planning a party. July 5th- keep your calendar open.

CJ attended her first BBQ, she was a huge fan of the potato salad.
CJ has started sleeping through the night (earlier this month), it's not every night but I take what I can get!

I managed to make it to the gym four times last week, that is a record for sure.
I marathon'd "girls", addicted is an understatement.
Oh, and this: 
Managed to get two days off in a row! Score.
Finished-ish the floor (finally), he ran short a few pieces so we have to buy another box before it can be really really finished.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Two Under Two'sday

Too Big
Too Small
Just Right

Lets chat about clothes, hey we are girls after all....

It seems like most of the clothes go through the full cycle, we get them and they are a bit big but they are so cute I cant resist putting the girls in them - days/weeks/months later they fit PERFECT - and then there is the inevitable day when I squuuuuueeze their chub and rolls into that perfect little outfit that is now too small. sad day. But the hardest part is retiring them from the dresser to make room for the new stuff.

I remember packing away all of Reagan's clothes as she grew out of them, hoping one day I would get to pull them back out for baby girl number two to wear. Boy am I happy I did! I was able to part with two or three garbage sacks full of clothes, but I hung onto the stuff I was really in love with.

It's been so fun watching Carter wear some of Reagan's stuff.

Carter is the finishing touch on our family, so now when she outgrows clothes I give them a big sniff a kiss and toss them in a box in the closet. I'm hoping that I'll soon have someone I can pass these little treasures on to, but I will settle for a good donation if need be. I've told promised myself that I will NOT be one of those mothers that hangs on to boxes and boxes of baby clothes. We'll see...as CJ gets bigger and bigger it's getting harder to say buh-bye to the itty bitty onesies.

The outfits I love the most I plan on using to make a quilt, some things I just can't part with!!

Reagan around 1.5 months

Reagan around 2 Months

CJ around 1.5 Months

CJ around 1 Month

CJ around 2 Months

Reagan 21.5 Months

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday & Family Dinner


The Easter Bunny brought Reag and Carter a special basket filled with handmade toys, snacks, and teethers.

I added to Reagan's felt food collection, of course the "ice cream cones" were the first thing to go to her mouth. She LOVES all her felt food, so I knew she would be happy with some new additions to her picnics and tea parties. 

Decorated peeps. Big hit with the Cousins #yum.

Reagan wanted no part of Easter pictures. BUMMER! I was pretty disappointed but waddyagonnado...
& These pictures really don't do their matching dress and flippy flop combo any justice, the girls were SO SUPER cute in person. 

CJ promptly spit-up all over her dress 2.5 seconds after this was taken. ANNNND Scene.

Our first family picture! 

We've been getting this look a lot lately. Miss Sassafrass.

Carter J got to meet her Great-Grandparents for the first time!! 
*CJ: Nana and Papa are basically the best people on the face of the Earth. We are lucky girls.*

She kicked it old school the majority of the day.

Reagan loved feeling like one of the big girls! I was so lucky to have all the Gray kids around to help entertain her. She LOVED it!!

Up on her tippity tippity toes trying to reach a peep. She would ask anyone walking by "peaasssseeee". So Precious! 

We have awesome cousins!! Reagan glaumed onto them instantly! She didn't want to leave.

I think this face says it all. definitely. 

Easter Saturday Egg Hunt

I learned something major this weekend. My Reagan is no longer a baby and is officially a toddler. Well she'll always be MY baby, but watching her this weekend and looking through pictures it really hit me that she is growing up...way too fast...

I decided late Friday night that we needed to hit up a egg hunt this weekend. I hippity hopped on the google and started my search for an event as such.

I luckily found one not 2 miles from our casa.

I whipped up an egg "basket"..more of a tote... out of some scrap fabric and pulled out Reag's dress from last year...I didn't want to chance her getting this years dress dirty.

Clearly she was thrilled to take a picture with me.

What she WAS thrilled about was the loot inside the 3 eggs that she managed to scrounge up before the other parents kids got their hands on them. She would have had 5, but was appalled at the state of filth the other two were in.  

I think she was regretting her egg discrimination after she tasted the deliciousness of the chocolate treats. 

I think next year she will be throwing bows getting those eggs. She may be small, but she's scrappy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Two Under Two'sday

I've mentioned before that my favorite part of the day is in the morning. 
I used to see it as Reagan and my wake-up time. These day's it's more like the calm before the storm. The few minutes of peace before the crying babies, dirty diapers, and plates of breakfast being refused then tossed to the floor.

Reagan likes to watch cartoons or play a game on the ipad while I feed and rock Carter.
We all snuggle in bed before starting our day. 
I wish that I could start my day like this for the rest of my life.

I know it's not possible, and I know my girls will grow, faster than I will agree with. 
But no matter how old they get, they will always be welcome to come crawl into bed with me and snuggle the morning away.
I love you my sweet peas.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Oh just playing

Reagy whatcha doin?

Oh just playing.

As soon as her feet hit the floor in the morning she is asking for her shoes, it's all I can do to get her to slurp up some yogurt and down a sippy of milk before she heads out the door. 

It's no coincidence that she has added the word "happy" to her vocab this month. Reagan sure is happy that Spring is here!! And just in time, I was starting to feel guilty about the amount of 'Sid the Science kid' she had been watching.  {Any other Mothers loath that show???}

I'm looking forward to when it hits the 80's, I have some messy games/projects planned - but a good hosing down will be required before I let her in the house.

So for now, we'll stick to collecting and counting rocks, sand castle building in the sand box and chasing butterflies around the yard.

Hope the sun is shinning through your windows today!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Two under two'sday

Hello All. 
Today I wanted to start something new and fun, I recently saw a GREAT - GREAT double great post series over at Strawberry Swing and Other Things called Two Under Two'sday. Miss Erinn was kind enough to share her series idea with me. So here is where I will try and capture a small piece of life with two chitlins under two years old. Reagan will be two soon, so fingers crossed this series will be over before I start dreading it.

These posts will range from a recap of our week - to - a specific story from the week - sometimes I may just ramble about nonsensical things...who knows I'm kind of winging it.

I know most of you will be reading my "two'sday" post on wednesday since I'm getting it up and running so late in the day. Next week I vow to be more prompt. 

Lets kick off our first week with our failed first attempt at sharing a room for nap time::

I've been excited about the girls sharing a room, since...we'll since I decided that was the plan. But since Carter is still sleeping in our room The girls had yet to really share the room. So far the extent of the sharing was CJ getting a drawer for her clothes.

On Friday I decided that today was the day the girls have their first nap session together. Carter is such a great napper so I didn't think it would be a problem to lay them down together. After all she is used to Reagan's antics and noise, I figured she would sleep through any ruckus Reagan made.
Reagan is traditionally a good napper, I can count on a solid hour to an hour and a half nap from her.
I rocked CJ until she fell asleep and slipped her in her crib. And then I changed Reagan's diaper and laid her down in her crib.

Reagan giggled and cheered "bebe" for 10 minutes. Then whined and yelled "pleasssse" for another 10. Then Carter started crying out, can't imagine why... Reagan promptly started yelling "oh no", now that CJ was crying. I knew CJ wouldn't fall back asleep at this point, so I went in to get her. Well clearly Reagan thought that was so unfair that she had to stay in there. So she really started going at it. After a solid 20 more minutes of mayhem Reagan settled down for a good nap.

I know it will take some getting used to for Reag to all of a sudden be having a slumber party everyday. Maybe next time I'll try and switch the lay down order - Reagan first then slip CJ in once she is asleep...? 

Moral of the story, the more we practice the better it will get. 

I'll leave you all with a little growth comparison of my precious baby. Carter will be as big as Reag in no time! 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Two Months

My dearest Carter J,

You are growing by leaps and bounds! Such a big and healthy girl. We have officially outgrown 3 month clothes, and only because you are so long. There is still plenty of room to plump up, but your legs and arms are too smushed in there. You are so strong, holding your head up and one day I even thought you were going to roll over, but you promptly fell asleep after giving it the ol' college try.

You sleep great! You've gone from waking up 2-3 times a night to just once, and it happens anywhere from 1a to 3a and then get we up for the day about 7a. I don't mind getting up with you at night, I enjoy our quiet time together, during the day Reagan is usually hanging off of me or standing next to me demanding a snack, so it's nice to get you all to myself. After you eat I change your diaper and you are right back off to sleep. All told I am up about 30 minutes with you, so Mommy still gets plenty of sleep (THANK YOU!!). You are still sleeping in your little bassinet next to our bed, but you are getting so long it may not be too long before we have to move you to your crib. A few times now you have been able to wiggle yourself sideways in it, and then you get stuck with your little head smashed up on the side. Silly girl. I still swaddle you at night, although I would like to start phasing it out during the day. I will also start phasing out your pacifier, you really don't have it very often, but I'm hoping we can remove it before any true attachment to it begins.

This month you starting smiling!! You are the smiliest baby I've ever seen, you love to give us all big gummy grins. Reagan seems to get the most grins from you, you certainly love your big sister! I try and get pictures of your smiles, but that is easier said than done.

You hate being in your carseat! It takes you a few minutes to get settled in and quiet down, but you really let us know that you are unhappy with being in there. You've made a few trips around town, and a big trip to the farm, but your over protective Mommy usually has you stay home, being that it's still cold/flu season and all.

You lost a good amount of your baby hair, and it's starting to grow back for the most part. It's the most beautiful strawberry blonde...or is it strawberry nutmeg?? Guess we will need it to grow a little more before we can tell for sure. Your eyes are still blue!! I'm thinking they might stay that way.

It's been so fun getting to know you the past couple of months! I am just so in love with you and our little family. Things are only getting better and better for sure.

I love you sweet girl.

Forever and always.


Carter's Stats:
Weight: 13lbs 10oz
Height: 24.5 inches