Tuesday, April 1, 2014

21 months

21 Months  

Stats: 32 inches & 24 lbs

Clothes: 18 month, size 5 shoes and still in size 3 diapers

Favorite food: Reagan has been eating lots of fruit squeezes and yogurt, maybe because when Cody works nights I am a little lazy with the dinner menu...but she has also been loving green beans and asparagus. Pancakes are a favorite breakfast item and I love the precooked turkey sausage, they make breakfast quick and easy.

Favorite words: We've had lots of new words this month, it's so exciting to hear her little girl voice say new things. Lets see.... Mailman, Help, Cow, Cat, Heart, Outside- those are all new. Some of the old favorites are, Go, That, Hot, Where'd go, Please, and Thank you. Reagan is such a rockstar with animal noises and she understands everything I say, we are at such a fun age!

Favorite activities: Playing outside is top of the list! Reagan loves to pick rocks out of the side yard and line them up on the patio. Finding random sticks and digging in the dirt is a must when running around the backyard. When I can convince her to be inside she loves to rock Carter in her swing, "hold" her and watch when I change her. Reagan is constantly checking on her when she naps, and usually ends up waking her up...grrrrrr...but I try not to mind too much, I just remind myself how much she loves Carter and what a good big sister she is. Reagan LOVES to dance and sing, her ultimate favorite right now is that damn "let it go" song from frozen. It's super sweet to hear her sing it.

Least favorite activities: When I make her come inside to eat lunch. And definitely when she wakes up from her nap cranky.

Signature moves: The no pants dance is a daily occurrence. Saying "hi" and "bye" to everyone in the grocery store. Air Kisses have made an appearance, not even sure where she learned that.

Mom's proudest moment: I just love how much she loves to play in the dirt, it makes this gardening momma proud.

Dad's proudest moment: Riding her little ATV "like a champ". Reag will drive it right off the 8inch drop from the patio to the lawn and not even bat and eye.

Other milestones: We've been working and talking more about the potty this month, I think potty training is close to come. I know I'm not supposed to rush her with it but this Momma is definitely ready to have less diapers to change.


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