Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Saturday Egg Hunt

I learned something major this weekend. My Reagan is no longer a baby and is officially a toddler. Well she'll always be MY baby, but watching her this weekend and looking through pictures it really hit me that she is growing up...way too fast...

I decided late Friday night that we needed to hit up a egg hunt this weekend. I hippity hopped on the google and started my search for an event as such.

I luckily found one not 2 miles from our casa.

I whipped up an egg "basket"..more of a tote... out of some scrap fabric and pulled out Reag's dress from last year...I didn't want to chance her getting this years dress dirty.

Clearly she was thrilled to take a picture with me.

What she WAS thrilled about was the loot inside the 3 eggs that she managed to scrounge up before the other parents kids got their hands on them. She would have had 5, but was appalled at the state of filth the other two were in.  

I think she was regretting her egg discrimination after she tasted the deliciousness of the chocolate treats. 

I think next year she will be throwing bows getting those eggs. She may be small, but she's scrappy.

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