Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday & Family Dinner


The Easter Bunny brought Reag and Carter a special basket filled with handmade toys, snacks, and teethers.

I added to Reagan's felt food collection, of course the "ice cream cones" were the first thing to go to her mouth. She LOVES all her felt food, so I knew she would be happy with some new additions to her picnics and tea parties. 

Decorated peeps. Big hit with the Cousins #yum.

Reagan wanted no part of Easter pictures. BUMMER! I was pretty disappointed but waddyagonnado...
& These pictures really don't do their matching dress and flippy flop combo any justice, the girls were SO SUPER cute in person. 

CJ promptly spit-up all over her dress 2.5 seconds after this was taken. ANNNND Scene.

Our first family picture! 

We've been getting this look a lot lately. Miss Sassafrass.

Carter J got to meet her Great-Grandparents for the first time!! 
*CJ: Nana and Papa are basically the best people on the face of the Earth. We are lucky girls.*

She kicked it old school the majority of the day.

Reagan loved feeling like one of the big girls! I was so lucky to have all the Gray kids around to help entertain her. She LOVED it!!

Up on her tippity tippity toes trying to reach a peep. She would ask anyone walking by "peaasssseeee". So Precious! 

We have awesome cousins!! Reagan glaumed onto them instantly! She didn't want to leave.

I think this face says it all. definitely. 

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