Saturday, April 5, 2014

Two Months

My dearest Carter J,

You are growing by leaps and bounds! Such a big and healthy girl. We have officially outgrown 3 month clothes, and only because you are so long. There is still plenty of room to plump up, but your legs and arms are too smushed in there. You are so strong, holding your head up and one day I even thought you were going to roll over, but you promptly fell asleep after giving it the ol' college try.

You sleep great! You've gone from waking up 2-3 times a night to just once, and it happens anywhere from 1a to 3a and then get we up for the day about 7a. I don't mind getting up with you at night, I enjoy our quiet time together, during the day Reagan is usually hanging off of me or standing next to me demanding a snack, so it's nice to get you all to myself. After you eat I change your diaper and you are right back off to sleep. All told I am up about 30 minutes with you, so Mommy still gets plenty of sleep (THANK YOU!!). You are still sleeping in your little bassinet next to our bed, but you are getting so long it may not be too long before we have to move you to your crib. A few times now you have been able to wiggle yourself sideways in it, and then you get stuck with your little head smashed up on the side. Silly girl. I still swaddle you at night, although I would like to start phasing it out during the day. I will also start phasing out your pacifier, you really don't have it very often, but I'm hoping we can remove it before any true attachment to it begins.

This month you starting smiling!! You are the smiliest baby I've ever seen, you love to give us all big gummy grins. Reagan seems to get the most grins from you, you certainly love your big sister! I try and get pictures of your smiles, but that is easier said than done.

You hate being in your carseat! It takes you a few minutes to get settled in and quiet down, but you really let us know that you are unhappy with being in there. You've made a few trips around town, and a big trip to the farm, but your over protective Mommy usually has you stay home, being that it's still cold/flu season and all.

You lost a good amount of your baby hair, and it's starting to grow back for the most part. It's the most beautiful strawberry blonde...or is it strawberry nutmeg?? Guess we will need it to grow a little more before we can tell for sure. Your eyes are still blue!! I'm thinking they might stay that way.

It's been so fun getting to know you the past couple of months! I am just so in love with you and our little family. Things are only getting better and better for sure.

I love you sweet girl.

Forever and always.


Carter's Stats:
Weight: 13lbs 10oz
Height: 24.5 inches


  1. She looks like a lil mini Cody! Love your posts!!! I stalk silently : )) Happy Easter to your beautiful family!!!

    1. Yah! I'm so glad you follow along with us!! Happy Easter to you! Hope to see you soon!