Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Two Under Two'sday

Too Big
Too Small
Just Right

Lets chat about clothes, hey we are girls after all....

It seems like most of the clothes go through the full cycle, we get them and they are a bit big but they are so cute I cant resist putting the girls in them - days/weeks/months later they fit PERFECT - and then there is the inevitable day when I squuuuuueeze their chub and rolls into that perfect little outfit that is now too small. sad day. But the hardest part is retiring them from the dresser to make room for the new stuff.

I remember packing away all of Reagan's clothes as she grew out of them, hoping one day I would get to pull them back out for baby girl number two to wear. Boy am I happy I did! I was able to part with two or three garbage sacks full of clothes, but I hung onto the stuff I was really in love with.

It's been so fun watching Carter wear some of Reagan's stuff.

Carter is the finishing touch on our family, so now when she outgrows clothes I give them a big sniff a kiss and toss them in a box in the closet. I'm hoping that I'll soon have someone I can pass these little treasures on to, but I will settle for a good donation if need be. I've told promised myself that I will NOT be one of those mothers that hangs on to boxes and boxes of baby clothes. We'll see...as CJ gets bigger and bigger it's getting harder to say buh-bye to the itty bitty onesies.

The outfits I love the most I plan on using to make a quilt, some things I just can't part with!!

Reagan around 1.5 months

Reagan around 2 Months

CJ around 1.5 Months

CJ around 1 Month

CJ around 2 Months

Reagan 21.5 Months

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