Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Two Under Two'sday

Anyone else just now feeling like they have recovered from the Easter holiday?
Just me??
Okay well, fine then.

The event of planning and packing the family up for a day away from home was mentally taxing, so fun and so worth it, but it left me feeling drained for the majority of the week. But each time I do it, it will get easier.

So, with that being said. Lets just recap and share some fun facts.

Reagan fell asleep in her highchair for the first time ever.
Reagan will be two in two months...just typing that makes my stomach turn. I guess I should start planning a party. July 5th- keep your calendar open.

CJ attended her first BBQ, she was a huge fan of the potato salad.
CJ has started sleeping through the night (earlier this month), it's not every night but I take what I can get!

I managed to make it to the gym four times last week, that is a record for sure.
I marathon'd "girls", addicted is an understatement.
Oh, and this: 
Managed to get two days off in a row! Score.
Finished-ish the floor (finally), he ran short a few pieces so we have to buy another box before it can be really really finished.

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